BRIARE & the surrounding area

Briare is best known for its ‘canal bridge’ and enamel work but the town and the surrounding area have much more to offer! There is a lot to discover during your stay.

Here, nature has pride of place: whether you’re walking travelling by boat or on a cycle you can lose yourself in nature for a few hours on the banks of the Loire river and its canals.

Come and discover famous or little known castles (Gien château-museum, the Saint-Brisson, Bussière or Sully-sur-Loire châteaux) or make a short trip to nearby Bourgogne Buissonnière (the medieval site of Guédelon, Saint Fargeau château, Musée Colette, etc.)

A few suggestions:


découvrir le pont canal

the Canal-bridge

This is one of the monuments you have to see before you leave!
This inspired construction by Gustave Eiffel is a technical feat. It is 6 metres wide and has a depth of 1m80, it spans the Loire for a length of 662 metres, and was the longest metallic canal bridge in the world until 2003.
You can cross it on foot and enjoy the experience of water running above and below…

And the amazing view of the Loire!


The “mini” tourist train

A pleasant and original way to enjoy a guided tour of the town. The commented visit last 45 minutes. Departure and return to the Canal Bridge.



The Deux Marines & Pont-Canal Museum

Discover a model of a dock on the Loire, hulls of boats, nets and ropes, a shoemaker’s stall, a carpenter and a cooper’s workshop.

Six rooms and four short thematic films tell the story of Briare, a boatman’s town located at the crossroads of the Loire, the Briare canal and the canal lateral de la Loire.


The Enamel Museum

With its rich collection of earthenware, beads, buttons and ancient and contemporary mosaics, the museum reveals the town’s industrial past. It is also attracts contemporary mosaic artists who hold regular exhibitions of their works here. It is the only museum in France entirely dedicated to the ancient art of mosaic.



Guédelon: Building a castle using medieval techniques and material

In the heart of an ancient quarry, discover the secrets of building a 13th century fortified castle. Workers work on it every day before your eyes.
Stonecutters, carpenters, woodcutters, blacksmiths, tile makers and rope makers, will reveal the secrets of Middle Age construction.



Château de la Bussière

Discover the ‘fishermen’s’ castle with its landscaped 17th  century garden, the cabin trail, an ideal family activity, or the fabulous kitchen garden, that has been awarded the  ‘jardin remarquable’ label!


château de St Brisson - Le Buisson chambres hôtes BriareChâteau de Saint-Brisson

A fun family visit to the stronghold of the powerful Séguier family, who were involved in creating the Académie française. On your own you can visit over 15 furnished rooms, following an activity circuit: recreations of old games, wood construction activities, shadow theatre, etc.

During the visit, discover the 15 clues to decipher the Marquis’ riddle, to open the chest in the 13th century underground treasure room! Activities and medieval games are on offer in the garden.






We can advise for other visits, feel free to ask us.